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Living in various capital cities throughout Australia, Taizy continues to pursue his music ambitions. Continuously investing into music projects that exude his passion and love for music and performing to crowds around Australia, Taizy performs both English and French music, creating diverse sets of music that stimulate audiences’ creativity and auditory senses. To keep up to date with Taizy’s music, peformances and gigs as well as career updates, follow him on his social media accounts!

Singer, songwriter Taizy was born & raised in the culturally rich Mauritius Island, discovering his passion and love for music. Moving to Sydney, Australia he enjoyed the raw energy of street performing, & continued entertaining crowds through at live music events in Bondi Beach & around Sydney, as well as performing at festivals including William Street Paddington Festivals. Travelling around the East Coast of Australia, Taizy has performed numerous types of musical genres, enticing crowds through the energy and vibrancy that his music creates.

Fuelling his desire to play music to new crowds while experiencing new music cultures, Taizy continued his musical journey performing on cruises for Sydney Harbour Tall Ships. Catering to professionals, social and corporate mixes, as well as private events, he has performed current contemporary and pop music genres while studying song writing and lyric writing. Fascinated by the theory and history behind song writing, he studied various structures and song writing exercises to master his creative talents and abilities, to produce tones that were inspired by his motivation and inspiration to connect with audiences of all backgrounds and sizes.

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