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Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 [Compact Disc] (CD)

AUDIO CD Tracklist: 

1. Tell me what it means to you (acoustic) [Live in Studio] ●

2. Yellow (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

3. Wonderwall (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

4. What wonderful world (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

5. Waterslide (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

6. Somewhere over the rainbow (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

7. I want you back (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

8. I got a crush on you (acoustic) [Live in Studio] ●

9. Balloon (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

10. Harpoon (acoustic) [Live in Studio]

11. Comme moi (acoustic) [Live in Studio] ●

12. Hallelujah (acoustic) [Live in Studio]


Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 [Compact Disc] (CD)

  • This purchase includes a single audio disc in an eco-friendly recycled 2-panel cardboard sleeve with CD Artwork by Emma M.

  • Shipped within 4 to 7 days from the date of purchase. Ships worldwide. 

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